Lock Up fame Anjali Arora found herself in hot water when her alleged sexually explicit MMS video was leaked online. Many were sure that it was her in the leaked video, however, Anjali had said that it was not her. While Anjali is facing absurd questions regarding the MMS video, Bigg Boss OTT fame aka Javed has now come out in her support. According to Zoom, Urfi said that even if the leaked MMS video featured Anjali, the former Lock Up contestant did not want the video to be public. He said that even if he did it or a girl records herself masturbating or having sex and that video gets leaked, she is still a victim. She said that the girl recorded the video for herself and she doesn’t want the world to see it. Urfi sympathizes with Anjali saying that she must be going through a lot as it is tough to deal with the situation when your private pictures or videos are leaked for all to see. She said that people constantly sexually abuse you and make you feel naked inside. He reveals that he suggested Anjali to keep calm as people would forget this incident in the next two years. He also criticized the people of the country where they indulge in blaming the victim. She said that if a girl is raped, people blame her for her clothes and cast them in the wrong light. “In India, girls are blamed, they are made chudails,” he said. Meanwhile, Anjali has taken a tough stand on the leaked MMS video controversy. He gave a befitting reply to those trolling him saying that people cannot digest anyone’s success, so they try to bring them down by any means.


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