Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal are one of the most loved and popular couples in Bollywood at the moment. There is a mystery surrounding the two which makes anything and everything about them so exciting for the viewers. Unlike other couples in the industry, Katrina and Vicky have stayed away from social media talk and PDA and this makes them all the more popular among fans, who want to know more and more about the couple’s personal life. Now, in a new video that is going viral, Katrina Kaif’s good friend Mini Mathur, who is also Kabir Khan’s wife, has shared a reel as a lookback from 2022. Here we can see Vicky dancing his heart out in his ravishing manner. And Katrina, who is in the audience, is seen blushing sweetly at what her husband is doing to her. The video seems to be from one of their recent winter getaways. Even though Vicky and Katrina are busy with their work commitments, they make time for these little mischiefs to have that quality time and keep each other entertained while away from the world. This is definitely a couple goal for modern couples. Watch the video for the beautiful moment that will make you wish for a man who makes you smile like Vicky’s Katrina.


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